why do teachers think that yawning is rude like iā€™m oxygen deprived what do u want me to do

Anonymous: I just wanted to tell you that you honestly inspire me. I always looked up to you after I watched your YouTube videos. I hope you and your girlfriend the best.

You’re so sweet. I’m glad I can be a somewhat good role model haha šŸ’•

Anonymous: I have a new 6 week old pug , he is peeing on everything and everyone. How can i start training him to pee in the wewe pads and also outside?

Potty training is one of the hardest concepts for puppies to comprehend so have patience. It can take up to six months for some dogs to learn, not to scare you but give you an idea so you don’t tear your hair out haha. First things first have the right tools. Potty pads, access to outside. So if you don’t already have a dog door then make sure you’re taking him out at a certain time, make it a routine. If you catch your dog in the act make a clapping noise to startle them so associate that noise with something they aren’t supposed to be doing. Try your best to pick him up and take him outside. If you didn’t see him go potty, don’t yell or scold him. His attention span is very short and he will have no clue what you’re scolding him for. If he does pee on the floor try your best to flip over the pad and get some urine so he sees there’s urine on the pad so there’s a better chance he will pee on it. If he does pee on it, TREAT. Treats treats treats. Stinky small high value treats will be your best friend. Same goes when he goes pee outside. Start using words like “pee pee” or “poo poo” and when he does treat him. The more pads you have out the better chance he has at well aiming haha. Obviously the pads are just there to aid and eventually you’ll start weaning off them. I always tell my students if they’re puppies need a little help you can buy a helper spray that will actually encourage your dog to go. You can spray it outside or even on the pads

I love you paloma. I’m walking to class and I’m still sleepy. But last night was perfect. We stayed up late watching a movie and eating from our favorite place. You held me in your arms and everything just felt perfect. Like it was all at a stand still and I couldn’t think of anything else I could ask for. Because everything I wanted was right there. All I ever want is you


*sees a dog*

me: holy shit